The Sims 4: big city life

The Sims 4: big city life

Of the Sims 4 city life Download enriches the popular life simulation from Electronic Arts for another add-on. When Sims 4 big city life is all about the colorful life in the big city of San Myshuno. The Sims assume festivals, learn other metropolitan know and track their life in the lively apartment buildings.


The Sims 4 city life Download: Moving to the virtual metropolis San Myshuno

The Sims 4 Big City Life Expansion Pack brings the life simulation from the small suburb in the city. After moving into the virtual metropolis San Myshuno the player can enjoy the benefits of city life and experiences instead of the quiet contemplative small town life is now a colorful bustle right outside his front door. Culturally, the life simulation has to offer with the Sims 4 city add-on. The player, for example, visited cultural festivals on which the Sims watch street performers or participate in competitions.

Sims 4 city life DownloadSims 4 city life Download: enjoy advantages of city life

In a spice Festival Sims can participate in a curry challenge or agree on a hot date on the romantic festival. For all these activities, of course, the player needs cash. He can so-called "Simoleons" earn as a virtual cash by selling off the works of the Sims at the flea market.

Penthouse Magazines in skyscraper with great views!

However, the city also has as its pitfalls. So it is not so easy to find a suitable apartment, so you have to cope with a modest little apartment and challenges such as leaking pipes or electrical problems first. In addition, the Sims now have to live together in a very small space with others. The goal is of course a luxury penthouse in a skyscraper with a great view, but a metropolitan career has to be earned only once.

Sims 4 big city life with many cultural opportunities

San Myshuno has much to offer as a densely populated city. From designing a wall painting in the artists’ area up to the test of his own singing skills in a karaoke bar in the fashion district. Who is more to sports activities, visits the basketball court at the spice market. the activities continue in the evening and, for example, invites his friends and colleagues after a long day at the office for a glass of wine or a game night.

New relationships are formed in the neighborhood

of course, is very useful for just the interpersonal interactions and relationships emerging in the immediate vicinity. In this way, finds many a Sim a new friend or even true love. As in real life, it is not always so easy with the new neighbors. If this example, nightly parties celebrating with loud music, the player must decide whether he complains or prefer to celebrate with.

Sims 4 city life Download LoveMany Sim even find true love

Career as a politician or as an art critic

The Sims 4 Download city life also has new, metropolitan careers on board. So you can provide, among other things as a politician or as a restaurant or an art critic his skills to the test. To dive into the new world of the Sims, the player needed as in The Sims 4: Get to work Download addition the separately sold Sims 4 base game and all updates. The Sims 4 city life download is available from 03/11/2016 and costs around 40 euros. More Simulation games for free download includes our extensive software offering.