Zattoo alternative searched? These next-generation tools make online TV comfortable. Learn all about the best apps and websites here & live broadcast stream on any device!

Who is not convinced of the program selection after downloading the Zattoo app, the tool can send hesitation to nirvana. Meanwhile, there are more than enough alternatives - completely free or with pay additional functions against the mother of the TV streaming looks old.

Zattoo alternativeIs there an alternative Zattoo?

Zattoo alternative: these apps make the smart phone to the TV

Our first Zattoo alternative is strictly an online video recorder. After YouTV app download User can be legally and completely free of charge recorded broadcasts of Germany's largest television station and played back shortly after. The portfolio includes 45 German channels, including the RTL Group and ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, available at other suppliers only in a paid subscription. If you like it from the manufacturer can experience with the download of the TV NOW app any stream to RTL associated transmitter LIVE. The tool provides the paid subscription model TV NOW PLUS even shipments before their actual release date. Who decides must pay 2.99 euros per month, but the concept can test for 30 days. A similar model has to download the Pro7: Same price and all the group's channels in one application.

Better watch TV on PC?

All that has just been touted as applications for smartphones and tablets, is also available as Zattoo alternative browser. To do this called the corresponding websites and logged in with the existing account only - are respectively registered. Without registration, all German channels on the side can stream Beautiful television. But be careful: User move here in a legal gray zone. It is assumed that the provider does not have a license to play the content offered. Currently, users are still not warned of shady streaming portals whether the legal situation remains as is currently not yet say with certainty. The situation is similar way, with portals like, Burning-Series & Offering Co. the current hit series and blockbuster for free stream.

Zattoo alternativeThe Pro 7 app, the sender of the group stream and broadcasts can be retrieved even after the actual broadcast in the media library.

No free live streaming

Currently, the cards in the online TV are reshuffled almost daily shoot new apps like the proverbial mushrooms. Whichever way you look at it, either free apps or the use of TV portals for a monthly fee, do not offer live TV or are simply illegal. However, there are compared to Zattoo already sides with a clearer operation or gimmicks such as access to already broadcast programs, such as with YouTV: