With the SimCity download simulate budding city planners daily life in a city. From residential infrastukturelle measures such as road construction or the installation of power plants to the education system, urban planners can play on the monitor to your heart's content.

build your own city with the SimCity download and manage

Compared to the previous version but you have to build on much smaller area its metropolis. Instead of a Megapolis one cares for SimCity 5 by several smaller settlements that interact with each other and grow together into a kind of metropolitan area. Thanks to a multiplayer mode and more players are working together to urban development.

SimCity download

Well-being of the inhabitants of great importance!

As usual playing SimCity 5 is not just bricks and asphalt an important role, but also the well-being of the inhabitants. feel they are not treated with care enough soon an end to Lustig and burning barricades on the boulevards ...