BayHunter supports the fast and comfortable search auction on eBay. The free application combines the search options of the auction house in an intuitive interface and provides corresponding search results are clearly and quickly than on eBay itself.

Fast Search auction on eBay with the BayHunter Download

In BayHunter the presentation of the results can be configured freely and save it for the next search. When you have found a relevant result, then you end up clicking later in the corresponding auction. BayHunter seeks out specifically in certain categories, limits the maximum desired price and looks for a fixed price auctions, regular auctions, etc. In addition, the search can be limited to items that expire, for example, in 10 minutes, or no bids were submitted to the still.

BayHunter download

The search can be limited by a price limit or Condition. Particularly interesting is the typo search. Here, it automatically searches for specific auctions that have been created in error. This feature can unfortunately completely missed the eBay's search. BayHunter is practical and provides time-saving comprehensive results. With the typo search bargain hunters can get hold unerringly bargain with low prices. Other useful eBay tools are included in our software catalog for free download.