Fuel Price Monitor

refer to the fuel price monitor motorists and owners of other vehicles with combustion engines the location of the cheapest gas station in their environment. The Web App is one of the online services that are supplied with the data of the new market transparency point for fuels. With this, the Federal Cartel wants to force more overview and price pressure among the offerings of the oil companies. So stations are required to report at regular intervals their current fuel prices. These can then removes the currently working still in trial operation fuel price monitor. Who wants to keep the gas stations in its immediate environment in mind, the freeware app issued the call for permission to access the position data or are alternatively geographical coordinates. One learns also the cheapest fuel prices at the destination of a trip in fuel price monitor for example. The search results determined presents fuel price monitor both a local map or in list form. The latter one takes detailed information about the owner of the gas station, the address and of course the current price for the fuel – so fuel price monitor lives up to its slogan "Simply fill up cheap" certainly honor.