Delete WhatsApp Status: Find it after the update

Delete WhatsApp Status: Find it after the update

Who the newly introduced Delete WhatsApp Status want, must first through the new menu click – or just read this article and learn how it’s done!

By downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, the new status function has been integrated. Analogous to Snapchat, an image or video can be uploaded in Messenger now automatically deletes itself after 24 hours. In addition, users will be informed by a point in the new Status menu bar you when a contact has released a new status. But what if you want to wait less than 24 hours to remove its status of the last party night again?

delete the new 24 hours WhatsApp Status

If you wanted to try the feature, but got off to a false image, or has foolishly chosen the last party night on the status, you can delete the WhatsApp status. The function is hiding something, but actually integrated. How it works:

  • First, open the Status tab and select the uploaded status.
  • long tap following the status message, it opens a field with trash.
  • Select the Trash and confirm the operation with Delete.

Delete WhatsApp StatusSo easy it is to remove the WhatsApp status. (Screenshot: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Following it reappears without status image -Video or comment. Alternatively, you can choose to create a new status or wait for the 24 hours and the status deletes itself.

Customize Advanced Privacy Settings

Who wants to quench his WhatsApp status so can not see him for a few specific people, however, can also easily adjust the security settings. Here you can set who can see the status. For this you must click on the tab status again and following the three dots that open the menu. Here you can now select the option Status data protection and can then choose from the following options:

  • My contacts (all contacts in the directory, the use WhatsApp in the current version are informed of the status update.)
  • My contacts except … (All contacts in the directory, the use WhatsApp in the current version, except for the selected here are informed of the status update.)
  • Only share with … (Only the selected contacts here who use WhatsApp in the current version are informed of the status update.)

Delete WhatsApp status or customize security settingsInstead of deleting the WhatsApp status, and security settings can be customized. (Screenshot: WhatsApp / Editorial)

To what extent WhatsApp (and therefore Facebook) can be dangerous with the new status function the competitor Snapchat really remains to be seen. Facebook tried yes, initially buy up the instant messenging service for one and later for three billion USD. Snap Inc. politely declined and said Zuckerberg’s company since become a thorn in the side. At first glance, in any case the new feature does not appear to make much sense, and also in the network, the reactions are more confused than excited.