All My Books brings structure in extensive collections of books. The shareware manages both traditional, printed works and electronic literature.

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With All My Books bookworms collect all relevant information about their browsing. but details such as author, publication date or publishing need not be laboriously typed by hand. It is sufficient to enter the title or ISBN. The more information, the tool then applies using an interface to an Internet database. Thanks to a search feature that allows your own search criteria, popular books are found quickly and easily.

In addition, All My Books helps not to lose conferred literature from the eye. Each record can be added to the borrower a note with information. A reminder function remembers after a certain period because to get his book back. The Collection Manager supports both the audio book formats MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis various eBook versions.

Supported file formats: FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF, LIT, MOBI, PRC, PDB, EPUB

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30 day trial.

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