Bubble Shooter Deluxe

The principle of Bubble Shooter Deluxe is extremely simple and provides very reason addictive game play for hours. The aim of the game is after Bubble Shooter Deluxe Download together in each case three or more balls of the same color to a package.

Bubble Shooter Deluxe Download with different game modes

At the top of the screen Bubble Shooter Deluxe there is a bright colorful smorgasbord of different colored balls. From the bottom edge of the screen from the player always shoots from a single ball is caught on the other. Have three or more of these objects the same color, they burst. This sounds simple, but is more difficult by moving up the ball wall from above.

Not only that simple gameplay and modes, but also eight different skins provide for Bubble Shooter Deluxe for Kurzweil. Who wants to compete with friends, the game offers in addition to a leaderboard also have the option to insert your own image.

Bubble Shooter Deluxe Download

Limitations of Bubble Shooter Deluxe

The trial version is limited to one hour playing time.