Is the Skype Unable to login, should go to Troubleshooting users. How to show the points at which you should look for. Find Solution Now! The communication service Skype is a powerful tool to communicate with friends, relatives or business associates in the distance. After the registration and the free Skype download an easy use of the software is usually possible. But what to do if an application is not possible with Skype? Skype Unable to login

Skype not sign in - troubleshoot and find solutions

Why a Skype application does not work, can have different reasons. A clear listing possible problems and their elimination offers online support Skype. For more specific, not included in the list questions you can also contact the Skype community. As a rule, however, the root cause analysis begins with the art. not possible Skype Application Support

Technical reasons when an account at Skype is not possible

For a smooth registration with Skype a working internet connection is essential. Also, the system should be considered. Skype can be used properly with Windows Desktop (version Windows XP), Windows Phone, Android and Mac OS X. Finally, the necessary software packages for operating systems, drivers must be (for example, sound card and webcam), browser and of course Skype-to-date.

Further steps to solve the problem with Skype

Are the technical requirements are met, you will find answers to the question why a Skype application is not possible, perhaps with missing or erroneous data or configuration. The following points should be checked:

  • Are the username and password correctly written?
  • If the log-in data was lost? Then Skype will send a recovery code via e-mail. This will also work with a Skype application on a Microsoft and Facebook account.not possible Skype Login Password
  • Are the ports 80, 443, and 1024 open to use Skype? This is easy to check the firewall settings. the proxy settings may also need to be configured.
  • There are still problems with registration? In this case, it is advisable to start Skype again or to install new again in an emergency.