360 Security Android

The app 360 Security Android part of the world's most widely used optimization and security tool. The all-in-one solution combines comprehensive data cleansing, boosters, anti-virus scanning, power saving and data security and theft protection in one application. Who wants to make faster, more effective and safe smartphone without much effort, should get this app absolutely on his cell phone.

360 Security Android

360 Security Android: The user-friendly all-in-one solution

With the tool of Qihu users get an easy-to-use all-round solution for a fast and secure smartphone. The award-winning application is available for free and offers the following features:

Fast data cleansing

360 Security Android freed in no time the smartphone of garbage. By clicking remnants of uninstalled applications, gradients and useless APKs can be removed and space for new pictures or programs are made so quickly.

share with the memory Memory Booster

To optimize the performance of smartphones, one click is enough to boost. All unnecessary background processes are terminated and programs currently in use can be carried out quickly and without conflict.

Check the smartphone for viruses

To make sure that the Android is free of malware, including 360 Security Android an award-winning virus scanner. The company estimates the tool will detect 99.7 percent of malicious software and removes it from the device.

Intelligent power-saving mode

Battery life is a tolerable Thread to smartphones. With the intelligent power-saving mode, all functions are throttled so even with a low battery level, the battery is still sufficient for emergencies.

data security & theft protection

More and more users use their smartphone as a mobile office. All the more reason then, to protect all the files from being accessed by unauthorized persons. With the 360 ​​Security App applications, SMS, photos are protected albums or private documents not to fall into the wrong hands.Even with the loss or theft of the mobile phone 360 ​​Security app provides quick relief: All data can be disabled via the website and the device itself can be located with a little luck.

Smart task manager

Over time collect on the phone numerous apps, data, and tools have the user eventually installed or stored. With the intuitive common application manager is such app and inactive members can quickly identify and remove or move to the SD card.

Block calls and SMS

Those who want to protect themselves from unpopular messages or calls, you can block them with intelligent filters.

Data usage and firewall

Who wants to know how much data volume it consumes when, finds detailed statistics at the data panel. Thus data eaters can quickly locate and optimize the consumption. A firewall protects the phone further.