As easy WhatsApp Chat & hide unhide

Who a hide WhatsApp chat want that can with this simple trick. learn how to protect spicy news from the gaze of curious eyes too!

A convenient way to protect their chat histories and contacts is to download the WhatsApp Lock App. The application makes it possible to protect WhatsApp by entering a PIN from unauthorized access. But the Messenger itself offers various options to disappear chats.

This trick hide a WhatsApp chat

Who wants to hide a WhatsApp chat, can easily archive it. So far was the on the menu since the last update WhatsApp has it even launched its own button. To archive a conversation, first an overview of the conversation must be opened and the desired chat to be held down until he has a gray background and a green check mark appears in the profile picture of the contact. The top of the application now opens a menu from which the tab is selected by the downward-pointing arrow. The conversation disappears from the overview. Users are informed at the lower range of WhatsApp on the process and also have to make the archiving undo option. To access an archived message again, users have to scroll and in the index all the way down the option: choose Archived chats. However, the conversation will disappear only if silence is one of the participants writes a message, the chat will appear again in the ordinary index.

hide WhatsApp chatSo just hide a WhatsApp chat.

How it works on the iPhone:

Show an archived WhatsApp chat again

If you want an archived WhatsApp chat again have in the overview, there are two ways: first, a new message can easily be sent to the appropriate contact. Alternatively, you open the archived chats and touch the desired dialogue until he has a gray background, and then select the folder with the up arrow. Even the conversation is displayed again in the general overview.

hide WhatsApp chat or delete more equal?

Those who want to get rid of one or more conversations final, can also permanently delete them. For this, the chat must be touched again until it is grayed out and a check mark in the profile picture of the contact appears. After appearing at the top of the menu is selected the dustbin. Now, the process only needs to be confirmed by deleting and already the conversation has disappeared never to be seen again. Can group chats are archived indeed - are deleted, they can not so simple. Therefore one must first withdraw from the group. For this, hold the corresponding group tapped, the menu that appears, select the three dots and leave the option group afterwards. and the chat history can now be deleted as described above.