Microsoft Excel 2010 Manual for the Ribbon

The free Microsoft Excel 2010 Manual for the interactive menu of the ribbon supports the changeover to current Office versions. Previously, anyone who was afraid because of the new menu before the transition, is helped here. Especially with an extensive application such as Microsoft Excel you are happy as a user, to know about some point halfway. With Office 2007, the long-established menu bar has been completely overthrown and replaced by the Ribbon bar, which has now been revised again in Office of 2010. The interactive tutorial on how to deal with the ribbon serves as a kind of translator between the old and the new menu. In the study aid users select the appropriate action from the old Office menu and get this, first a written indication of how the function is called in Office of 2010. If desired, the application offers a click later, an animated step-by-step instructions for performing in O2010 - handy! To run the Microsoft Excel 2010 Manual for the interactive menu of the ribbon, the installation of Silverlight is required.

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