The X Codec Pack (formerly XP Codec Pack) installs missing multimedia codecs and solves problems playing audio and video files. The freeware package makes the codec search unnecessary and provides audio and video filters for the correct playback free.

X Codec Pack Download: Useful package of audio and video codecs

In addition to an AC3 filter and the major codecs includes an AVI splitter and a CDXA Reader on the portfolio of X Codec Pack. Ffdshow codecs, including XviD and DivX, are the X Codec Pack download as one of the party as GPL MPEG1 / 2 decoder for proper DVD playback. During the installation process, the user defines which filters he wants to set up. So that the computer is overloaded is prevented.

X Codec Pack Download

Leaner and stronger media player on board

X Codec Pack offers the Media Player Classic Home Cinema as a little bonus, a powerful program for playing music and videos. The audio and video player goes with almost all formats, deliberately refrains frills, guests staying at a low load time on startup.

X Codec Pack Download Media Player Classic

Codecs for Windows 8 are included in the X Codec Pack

The codec pack was earlier than XP Codec Pack an XP in the title. This has been dropped because the package now equips other Windows systems with the latest audio and video codecs. The codecs package now supports Windows 8 and all 64-bit systems. Of the X Codec Pack Download contains the following codecs and programs:

  • AC3Filter 2.6b
  • AVI Splitter 1.7
  • CDXA Reader 1.7
  • CoreFlac Decoder 0.4
  • GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder
  • LAV Filters 0.63
  • madVR 0.87.10
  • Matroska Splitter 1.7
  • Media Player Classic HC 1.7.7
  • MediaTab 1.4
  • RadLight APE Filter
  • RadLight MPC Filter
  • RadLight OFR filter
  • RealMediaSplitter 1.7
  • RadLight TTA Filter
  • The Codec Detective 2.0
  • xy VSFilter 3.0

X Codec Pack download codecs

Detective feels the codecs installed on

When installing the X codec packs, the user can choose which of the codecs contained he would like to install and which not. The integrated Codec Detective is a complete view of all installed codecs, where you can switch between the categories Audio and Video. Full Information about the selected codec can be called up on request also save or print all information.