auction Buddy

Auction Buddy picks vendors on eBay when setting the sale under the arms. The shareware provides an enticing templates calculated eBay fees and waiting with a full auction administration. Auction Buddy offers many useful functions for the processing of eBay auctions. A built-in Wizard helps set of auctions and generated at the end of auctions appropriate updates for auction number, title and information on the payment processing. Auction Buddy takes care of all aspects of the auction settlement. The shareware created at the request email templates, print parcel labels and invoices. In addition, the helper bookmarks for quick activation of the various eBay sites managed. An integrated browser and mail client with automatic evaluation of ebays. In addition to the banking, shipper and sales agents, the software can be also expanded by a webshop module.

Limitations of auction Buddy

In the shareware administration is possible from only 10 auctions.