Owners of Android smartphones received with DeskNotifier their SMS and calls directly on the computer. The freeware cleverly combined a PC client and an Android app. The smartphone is connected via Wi-Fi or USB with PC and DeskNotifier. SMS, calls, WhatsApp messages and Facebook messages shows DeskNotifier in the period following directly on the PC. This proves to be very convenient for users who spend a lot of time on the PC. Thus, the mobile phone will be muted and yet you do not miss the message. Another great advantage of DeskNotifier is the higher comfort when replying to messages. Rather than bother with mini-keyboard and display around, you answer text messages easily on the PC. Unfortunately, this does not work on WhatsApp messages. DeskNotifier stores all messages so that the user will not miss anything if he just does not sit at the computer. SMS answers are written on the PC, but sent directly from the smartphone. Therefore, no additional costs that go beyond the normal SMS Send widely. The use of DeskNotifier is free of charge. However, some advanced features are available only in the paid Pro version. These include filtering of notifications to send files from PC to phone and view Web pages on the PC. DeskNotifier offers through the coupling of smartphone and PC more comfortable in dealing with calls, messages and SMS. Even someone who uses Facebook and WhatsApp on mobile phone, will be pleased with the additional capabilities of the desktop experience.