Cities Skylines Tips: To manage the urban development

Cities Skylines Tips: To manage the urban development

Who does not want to lose track in the complex city-building simulation under construction craze, should proceed structured. Our Tips Cities Skylines help in your first steps. Get started now!

After Cities: Skylines Download all becomes clear – just drauflosbauen not work here. Prevent frustration in building simulation comes up, we have compiled a few tips and tricks that help to place the right foundations. Even genre fixed gamers can benefit from it and go by other cities farmers.

Tips Cities SkylinesCities Skylines tips for a successful start

Cities Skylines tips for properly laid foundation

Initially, users should see the game exactly. About the areas button (bottom left) can be considered a major part of the map – which helps in planning. Before the concrete tips Cities Skylines a preparatory Tip: Although it sounds a bit silly, but take a screenshot and then coarsely preplan via graphics program worthwhile. By the time you stand in a teeming metropolis and has completely lost your sight.

Tip 1 for road construction

For each type – that is, straight, curved and the free road shape – there is an extra tool. you can work with millimeter precision the free road shape when snapping is disabled. The alignment aid disappears, and in a small space can be built accurately. The user should also prefer to take small steps in road construction. Who wants to build roads up or down, use the Page Up and Page Down keys. The direction of one-way streets is, moreover, the building direction.

  Cities Skylines Tips: To manage the urban development

Note: If an exclamation point, are upgrades possible for roads. Exception: If a fire department is on the road. In this case, the best move the building the fire and then repair the road.

Tip 2 for the regulation of traffic

Nothing works in cities skylines without the gamer – this also applies to traffic. With these tips Cities Skylines he always runs smoothly:

  • One-way streets are a good way to direct the traffic well. Mehrspurig they are good regulator even with changes in direction.
  • Avoid traffic lights as much as possible, because those are the dust wrestler.
  • Two-lane roads often require no traffic lights

Cities Skylines Tips TrafficRoundabouts and one-way streets have their advantages

  • use roundabouts. Can both one-way streets and highways are used to ensure liquid entry and exit.
  • relieve traffic by public transport. Optimal are connections between different city zones.
  • Buses: The route of the bus can be changed by clicking on it. Be sure to assign the lines different colors, so you keep track.
  • create important nodes and transfer points for the various modes of transport to facilitate the residents, the transfer of aircraft, subway and bus.
  • Pedestrian crossings should be short. Best achieved through concrete paths.
  • One should exclude serious road transports from certain quarters in order to avoid traffic jams. This is achieved through policies such as “ban on heavy traffic.”

divide the city into zones: Tip 3

The division of a city into different areas makes sense – but should not be done arbitrarily. With these tips Cities Skylines there is sensible structure:

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Cities Skylines advice industryZoning: Here an industry

  • Cities can be, for example, connect so: Residential – Commercial Area – Office area – industrial area. So the traffic is regulated at the same time useful.
  • For the industry two aspects are important: connection to commercial buildings, vehicles must get out quickly from the city. Access to highway, etc. can be useful for export and import.
    • Not specialized industry reached 3 steps
    • Allocation of specialized industry district. For this search, among others previously on cards for mineral resources.

Tip 4: Power supply, waste water

An important part of urban planning is the water and power supply. With these tips Cities Skylines, this area is possible:

  • (1) electricity: Power poles are only required for long distances, short distances to be covered by neighboring buildings, which provide for the distribution of electricity. Areas marked in blue are ideal for wind turbines. During the construction of dams to be careful not to flood his city. Best effect show dams where the water level before and behind it is the largest.

Tips Cities Skylines waterWater not forgotten

  • (2) waterWater towers use the infinite ground water resources, even if they are less powerful than water pumps. be frugal at the pump, as they can dry out rivers.
  • (3) sewage systemThe lines should be below the drinking water. Taking into account the flow direction of the flow of the waste water channel at the lower end of the river course is applied (the pump best at the upper end).
  • (4) waste disposal: When garbage and skull symbols not jump to conclusions. Not always are overflowing landfills, sometimes the service cars are just late. Only check everything before you showered with garbage dumps.
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General tips for Cities: Skylines

Apart from the very specific tricks, there are a few simple tips Cities Skylines representing the gameplay a relief.

  • When planning to use the pause button (space bar) in order to concentrate on a task.
  • be patient and let activism outside. Some changes take time – so wait for responses, then act.
  • Not every empty building must be made immediately flat. There are new tenants.
  • Turn of buildings: Press right mouse button while moving mouse back and forth.
  • Attractiveness increases the price of land and therefore tax revenue. Therefore, parks and service providers do not forget. Trees also relaxation for all citizens.
  • keep noise from upgrades to the roads as much as possible.