Word cookies Solutions: Home Baker and Talented Chef

combine Keksbuchstaben to form words: Sounds simple, it is not always. With these Word cookies solutions of Home Baker to Talented chef will gain support for the first chapter, when things do not go on.

Word cookies solutionsWith these solutions Word cookies progress (Image: Bitmango / Editorial)

Word cookies solutions for all levels

It is quite fast tricky in the Word Cookies App. Namely at the latest when you can combine more than four biscuits. But before can already get some challenges to you, especially because all the words from the English language come from.

Although you can also play around, but before that turns into frustration, but tasted just our Word cookies Solutions Home Baker and Talented Chef, which also include the Novice Baker.

The beginnings: Home Baker

In the Home Baker levels once your learn the principles of the game to know. You start with three biscuits and cookies following Word solutions:

  1. Word cookies Butter:

    • my, gym
    • up, cup
    • at bat, tab
    • fog, go, of
    • so, on, no, son
  2. Word cookies Oatmeal:

    • Go, do, god, dog
    • ox, of, fox
    • no, on, now, own
    • my, on, may, yam
    • tap, pat, apt, at

Word cookies solutions Talented ChefThe solutions to the levels Home Baker, Novice Chef and Talented Chef you will find here. (Picture: Bitmango)

Hokage: Novice Chef

As Novice Chef You have been four, later even combine up to five letters to form words. And this Word cookies solutions exist for this:

  1. Word cookies solutions Ginger:

    • food, do, of
    • soul, so us
    • cafe, face, ace
    • oven, one, one, no
    • word, row, rod, or, do
    • we, is, sew, wise
    • trip, pit, rip, tip
    • fact, fat, act, at, cat
    • save, sea, as, vase, save
    • us, bus, busy, buy, by, sub
  2. Word cookies Milk:

    • poison, it, if, fig, fit
    • lie, lime, me, mile
    • rig, ring, grin, gin, in
    • how, who, show, sow, so
    • dew that we, wide
    • wife, few, if
    • pie, pin, pine, pen in, nip
    • bow, bowl, blow, owl, praise, low
    • so, soup, sop, sup, us, up, ups
    • tear, tare, Austria, rate
    • chloride, rib, bid, bird
    • in new, we who, win, wine
    • ago, hero, hoe, ore, roe, hey
    • for, four, for of, our, or
    • hint, hit, nit, thin, tin, hi, in, it
  3. Word cookies solutions Vanilla:

    • cue, ice, juice
    • bless, less
    • soy, rosy
    • coal, call, all, local
    • sat, fat, fats, almost, staff
    • too, tooth, dead, hoot, hot
    • wish, ski, whisk, his
    • din, aid, and, india
    • dot, day, today, toy, toad, oat
    • lie, ire, rev, vie
    • paint, back, black, cab
    • joy, one, yen, enjoy
    • rib, rich, crib, birch
    • boom, bloom, mob, praise, loom
    • lip, lit, pit, put, tip, tulip
    • moth, not, sound, hot, month
    • claw, claws, law, laws, what, saw
    • raw, roar, row, arrow, was oar
    • fig, fight, fit, gift, hit
    • temp, type, empty, met, pet, yet
  4. Word cookies Cinnamon:

    • mad, mar, arm, dam, drama, ram, wheel
    • cue, clue, lune, uncle
    • use, uses, sue, suit, guess
    • dim, hid, him hum, humid, mid, mud
    • ref, rev, reef, free, fever, fairy, eve, ever
    • bell, belly, bye, lye, yell
    • hat, hub, hum, tub, thumb, but, bum
    • dog, duo, dug, hod, hog, hug, god
    • arm, army, ram, ray, mar, marry, may, yam
    • lop, lip, oil, sop, sip, spoil
    • than, thank, tan, tank, has ant
    • air, airy, fair, fairy, far, fir, fray, fry, ray
    • ebb, beak, bake, babe, kebab
    • chop, coup, cup, hop, pouch
    • low, lord, old, owl, world, word, row, rod
    • dirt, hid, hit, chloride, third
    • tea, teen, ten, eve, even, event, vet, net, vent
    • nit, night, thin, thing, tin, gin, hint, hit
    • pan, pain, piano, pin, nap, nip, ion
    • she, sea, ash, ask, has, shake
  5. Word cookies solutions Banana:

    • leg, log, loge, love, glove, gel, ego, vole
    • self, she, shelf elf flesh
    • mire, mix, mixer, ire, rim, rime, remix
    • and, any, cad, can, candy, day, nay
    • gas, rag, rags, rug, rugs, say, sugar
    • aim, age, mage, mega, game, gem, image
    • pit, pin, pint, trip, tip, tin, rip, nip, nit, print
    • don, nod, blond, bond, bold, old, praise
    • eon, hen, hey, hoe, hone, honey, one, yen
    • deer, edge, greed, red, reed
    • hat, hot, you, youth, toy, out
    • ore, roe, for, fore, zero, froze
    • eve, rev, even, ever, nerve, never, veer
    • fun, fund, found, undo, duo, don, dun, nod, fond
    • all, last, salt, sat, stall, tall, slat
    • now, nor, won, worn, wrong, own, row, gown, grow, grown
    • rib, ring, rig, bring'm, big, grin, gin
    • dirt, dry, chloride, tidy, try, dirty
    • hot, hotel, hole, hoe, the, toe, lot, let
    • tea, take, wet, weak, wake, eat, ate, awe, tweak

Even better: Talented chef

Meanwhile, you are already quite advanced. Off you go with the Word cookies solutions for words to six letters!

  1. Word cookies Strawberry:

    • asked, bath, bait, bit, habit, has hit, tab
    • rim, rime, rice, mire, mice, ire, ice, crime
    • red, torn, sound, thorn, nor, north, not, horn, hot, hon
    • font, for, fort, front, nor, not, red, sound, torn
    • into, ion, join, nit, not, tin, sound, joint
    • ads, ant, ants, and, tad, tan, sat, sad, sand, standing
    • unit, unite, groove, nit, net, do tune, tin, tie, ten, tine, untie
    • bee, beer, bed, breed, reeds, red, deer, bred
    • aim, ambit, bait, bat, bam, bit, tab, mat
    • whet, wit, with, wet, hit, hew, the, tie, whit, white
    • hint, hit, ink, kin, kit, knit, nit, thin, think, tin
    • fen, fin, fine, ink, ken, kin, knife
    • won, now, mow, mown, moan, man, maw, won, woman, wan
    • who, fantasy, two, throw, tow, how, hot, row, red
    • raze, bra, braze, bear, bar, bare, era, ear, zebra, are
    • dust, dusty, duty, stud, study
    • left, let, lute, flu, flute, flue, felt, fuel, eleven
    • act, cat, chat, has, thaw, what, watch
    • rug, rugby, rub, ruby, guy, bur, bury, bug, buy, dug
    • top, topic, tic, tip, opt, optic, cot, pot, pit, cop
  2. Word cookies solutions Peach:

    • wig, wigs, win, wing, wings, swing, sign, sin, singing, gin, gin, wins, the
    • sea, sec, sue, ace, aces, case, cause, cue, cues, use, sac sauce
    • ram, rom, roam, poor, jam, jar, oar, mar, major
    • th, tend, trend, net, nerd, end, ret, rent, red, rend, the, dent, ted
    • rice, rip, ripe, ice, epic, price, pie, pier, by, ire
    • tic, tick, ticks, stick, ski, sit, sick, kit, kits, its, sic
    • love, lie, live, olive, oil, evil, vole, veil, vie, vile
    • sin, sail, nile, nail, nails, ail, lain, ails, ins, snail, slain
    • beg, begin, being, big, bin, gibe, gin, nib
    • ted, tie, red, chloride, ret, ire which, tired, tried
    • ape, apple, lap, leap, pal, pale, pap, pea, peal, plea
    • brow, brown, born, bow, rob, row, own, worn, won, nor, now, orb
    • sole, loose, love, loves, vole, voles, solve
    • kill, kills, ilk, ill, ills, ski, skill, silk, sill
    • wheel, radio, raid, road, rod, chloride, arid, air, aid, oar
    • fear, far, fare, fake, faker, ref, rake, era, ear, are, ark, kerf, freak
    • pac, pace, pea, peach, cheap, cap, cape, heap, ape, face, ace, each
    • yam, yet, may, mat, mate, mead, meat, meaty, tame, tea, team, ate, eat
    • pore, pro, prove, by, ore, over, rope, roe, rove, rev, rep
    • con, corn, cow, crow, crown, nor, now, own, row, won, worn
  3. Word Cookies Red Velvet:

    • lad, lady, lay, laid, lid, ail, aid, day, daily, dial, idly
    • rib, chloride, ride, red, bride, the bred, bird, bid, bed, dire, ire
    • cash, car, cars, char, chars, crash, ash, arc, arch, arcs, has, scar, rash, sac
    • flea, flake, fake, lek, lea, leaf, leak, lake, eleven, elk, kale, flak
    • who, whole, woe, how, howl, hoe, pick, owe, owl, low, hew
    • trig, tire, tiger, tie, animal, rig, ret, grit, get, ire, gov, rite
    • toe, toes, stove, set, vet, vets, veto, vest, vote, votes
    • bur burs, bus, bush, rub, rubs, rush, shrub, sub, hub, hubs, brush
    • trot, tutor, tour, tout, dead, red, rut, out, our, rout, tort, trout
    • elm, eon, lemon, lone, melon, men, mole, omen, one
    • the denim that, dim, din, dine, end, men, increasingly, at least, mine, mined
    • ace, acne, can, cane, canoe, con, cone, eon, ocean, once, one
    • sap, saw, spa, spam, swam, swamp, swap, map, amp, paw, which, wasp, maw, amps, maps, paws
    • red, rev, chloride, ride, rive, drive, dire, dive, diver who, vie, vide, ire, rived, vied
    • doze, dozen, do that, done, doe, zone, zoned, nod, end, one, node, ode, eon
    • age, angle, angel, gale, glean, gel, lane, lean, leg, elan, nag, was
    • ban, band, bad, bar, barn, bard, bra, burn, dab, and, ran, rad, bran, nab, drab, darn
    • rail, rap, rip, air, ail, april, lap, liar, lip, pair, lair, PAL, PAR, pilar
    • asked baton, ban, boat, ant, tab, tone, tan, oat, not offered, nab, boa
    • ore, owe, by, pew, pore, power, pro, prow, roe, rope, row, woe, wore
  4. Word cookies solutions Rose:

    • West wee wet wets sweet sew sea set stew ewe ewes tee tees
    • grin grin gin gins rig rigs ringrings sign sir sin sing the
    • wait waits waist what wit wits its swat saw sat sit
    • hen hop hope hoe phone nope open one pone peon hon hone pen eon
    • host hot hots hut huts oust out outs shot shout shut south thou THUS
    • bow bowel bowl bole blew blow elbow owe owl woe web low praise lob below
    • aid aide aim amide dam dame the dim idea mad made maid mead media
    • aid air airy arid dairy day diary dry rad raid rid yard ray dray
    • cat cheat chat tech tea teach the act each ace ache ate has hate heat eat etch
    • one oft foe font fen ton tone toe th not touch net eon
    • bond bound bun bud nod don dub duo dun undo nub
    • ran ram ramen ream are poor amen name near ear era earn mar mare mane men you mean
    • pie pier by perm prim prime imp mire rip ripe rime rep rim ire
    • plea place pea pal pale pace leap lap lace ape ace clap cap cape
    • cafe cat face facet fact fat fate feat ace act ate eat tea
    • break bra brake bear beak bar bare bark bake baker rake era ear are ark
    • are poor fare far farm fame frame fear ram ream ref ear era mar mare rem
    • by pure purse pus rue ruse track sue sup super sure use user
    • rep red rip ripe rid ride pride by pie pied pier drip dire dip the pried ire
    • hero pants horse hoe hoes she shore shoe sore rose ore ores ago hers roe roes eros
  5. Word cookies Cherry:

    • noon ion ions inn inns son soon sin into onion
    • wolf woo wool fowl follow fool flow owl low
    • hung hungry hug urn gun guy run tion rug
    • bet toe cot cob job jet offered jot
    • hip hop phobic chip chop cob bop cop
    • yes yet system set sets stem stems mess messy met
    • bee beet beetle bet belt tee let lee leet eel
    • bird bid hybrid hid rib rid dry drib
    • tin tine tint tie th tent nit nine net intent inn
    • viol violin ion oil nil lion loin
    • due the dim mud mum medium mid mimed dime mime
    • grid gird frigid fig fir dig rig rigid rid
    • too dead top tap oat opt ​​apt pot potato pat did
    • lug leg lune luge glue gun gel june jungle lung lung
    • pub pubic public lip cup club clip blip cub
    • jut juts just tad tads stud sat sad adjust ads dust
    • goo got fog for continued forgot foot frog roof root too red
    • fuse fuel fuels flu flue use useful sue self
    • moo moor groom grooms rom room rooms smog goo moors
    • red roe retro gates toe terror ore error err red ret

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