SDExplorer Base 2023

SDExplorer Base

SDExplorer base places a link to the online storage OneDrive in Windows Explorer. The freeware simplifies access to the cloud service from Microsoft.

SDExplorer download to interface with Microsoft’s online storage

The free base SDExplorer shows after filing the login information for the OneDrive cloud storage service as an additional network drive in Windows file manager. With the helper to ordinary file operations such as folders, files or documents can be copied, open or perform delete.

SDExplorer download

The interface to Microsoft’s free online storage OneDrive ensures quick access. The personal OneDrive storage appears as a normal drive in Windows Explorer. Files can be dragged&Drop; Copy back and forth, rename or create new folders. The free base version you have to do without some features, such as streaming support as compared to the fee-based Advanced version. With SDExplorer Base, users avoid the cumbersome access OneDrive through the web interface of the web browser. Unlike Windows 8 but not folders or files are automatically synchronized between your local PC and OneDrive.

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