SRT AppGuard app

Looking for more self-determination on Android? The SRT AppGuard app grants you just that. With this tool, your individual apps can revoke certain rights and keep as accurate track of what program can do what.

More privacy with the SRT AppGuard app

There are countless apps on Android Market that require certain privileges to function properly. In not a few but one wonders as a user to right, whether because all these rights are necessary at all. What needs a flashlight app access to contacts or internal memory? And what about WhatsApp? Finally, there was already a court decision, which states that the unauthorized sharing of contact with the company is not allowed.

SRT AppGuard appWith the SRT AppGuard app your app permissions have under control. (Picture: Backes SRT)

Who wants to have its apps better under control, but can rely on aid. With the SRT AppGuard app you can monitor your apps and only assign the permissions that are actually necessary for your apps work. Even retrospectively rights can still be changed.

The Practical Where similar apps require root access is not required in the SRT AppGuard app. The program also works on smartphones nichtgerooteten as it should.

SRT AppGuard app settingsFor each app, the settings can be adapted for authorization. (Picture: Backes SRT)

New settings via reinstallation

  1. Backing up your settings of the app whose permissions you want to edit and store your login data.
  2. Opens AppGuard and selects there from the list the corresponding app.
  3. The app will be uninstalled and installed in connection with the selected permissions.

Your noted that an app will no longer operate properly, you can also undo the new settings. About log files the way you keep track of which exchange data your apps using servers.

SRT AppGuard app logfilesAbout log files You all apps at a glance. (Picture: Backes SRT)

What monitored AppGuard?

The permissions can be monitored with the SRT AppGuard app:

  • make calls
  • send and read short messages
  • Access to the camera
  • Internet access
  • position sensing
  • Contact access
  • calendar

However, excluded are pre-installed system apps, since they can not be uninstall - and this process is essential for AppGuard.You can also update the way through AppGuard itself via the tool monitored apps. About the Play Store that is not possible.

Trial vs. full version

The app is stable from Android 3.2 to 4.4. Unfortunately, some users watch from Android 5 Lollipop in the tube. An attempt is worth it. However, there are from 6 Android Marshmallow natively can restrict app permissions.

A trial version can be downloaded for free, but this only allows monitoring of up to four apps. Who wants to use the full version must purchase a license key for 3.99 euros. A User's way, there is also here for download.