Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manual

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manual

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manual Download be fully informed of all the features and options and reveal tips and tricks of the mobile phone buyers of the popular smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini guide is available on 226 pages in German as a PDF file.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manual Download with many tips & Trricks

Those who buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (model number SM-G800F), found in the outer packaging, unfortunately only a quick start guide, called Quick Start Guide. It contains only the most important functions, such as to insert the SIM card and the battery. Who a real Samsung Galaxy S5 would have mini guide to hand to be informed about all the details of its new smartphones, the official Samsung Galaxy S5 mini invites manual. Here, many hidden options and recommended settings found. So use problems and errors of all kinds can be avoided.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manual DownloadSamsung Galaxy S5 mini manual download in PDF format on 226 pages

Galaxy S5 mini with heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner

When Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is the smaller pockets-compatible version of the popular smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5. Compared to its big brother, the Galaxy S5 mini is technically slimmed down, but also provides important innovations of S5 as the heart rate monitor and the fingerprint scanner. The S5 Mini runs with a clocked at 1.4GHz quad-core processor Exynos 3470 and has 1,536 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal memory on board. The memory can be expanded with a MicroSD card up to 128 GB as opposed to the successor Samsung Galaxy S6. The Super AMOLED display offers an HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels and has a size of 4.5 inches. The S5 mini is waterproof and dust resistant. Legal high is the 8-megapixel camera on the back. The front camera has 2.1 megapixels.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini guide explains the first steps

The Galaxy S5 mini User first presents the first steps, describes the delivery and device design, block the use of the SIM or USIM card, battery and memory card, the activation and deactivation of the device and the screen, and unlock. The following are the Basic information: Using the touch screen, Home screen layout, notifications panel and Quick Control box open applications, install or uninstall, text input, Screenshot and energy saving, as well as network connection, mobile data connection, Wi-Fi tethering and mobile hotspot, Internet. It continues with functions for movement and ease of use: movements and gestures, Air View, Toolbox and sensitivity of the touchscreen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manual Download Device componentsThe protection of designs at a glance

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini guide shows how to make connections to other devices

In the chapter Personalize found in the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Manual Download the topics home screen and application screen manage, set wallpaper and ringtones, change screen locking method transmitted finger scanner, private and easy mode, data from the previous device and set up accounts. It is followed by chapters telephone, S Health, contacts, messages and e-mail, camera, gallery, multimedia, security features, and great apps and functions. It continues producing with connecting to other devices, the device and data manager and settings and input help.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini manual Download Start Screen OptionsThe home screen options are explained in detail.