Secure safe

With Secure Safe online storage from Switzerland is pushing for the market. according to its origin, the provider of the cloud takes mainly the issue of security very seriously. Sun Secure Safe deposit submitted data and passwords on claims to be highly secure Swiss servers and even stores the login password of their users. Is this once lost, it can only be reset with a special recovery code. In terms of data transfer to Secure Safe is clearly from its competition. Thus, deposited by means of a separate interface, for example bank statements directly into its virtual deposit box. Other documents also can be uploaded easily via e-mail from your computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition, Secure Safe differentiates between storage for passwords and documents. Those who opt for the free version of the cloud, which is room for up to 50 passwords and 10 megabytes for documents. iPhone and iPad users also access via secure viewer from their mobile made toward PDFs and images. Even in the case of the user's death was commemorated at Secure Safe. By inheritance function stored data are open to a beneficiary previously used for inspection. More storage and extra features, the vendors poised against a corresponding mite. But even in the freeware version of the online storage already examined his peers among its competition.