About the yaBeat search invite music lovers YouTube videos as MP3 or MP4 down, hear and see music and videos online and make a proper music collection together. As shown below, as yaBeat search and download MP3 function!

yaBeat search & MP3 Download made easy!

yaBeat as YouTube downloader and converter provides a convenient way to download songs from video sharing sites and convert them to MP3 format. On the yaBeat Web App at the top of a search box can be seen. Anyone looking for a specific song, wears the desired title and then selects the listed hits the right result.

yaBeat searchyaBeat search: Enter the desired track into the search field and choose among the hits! (Screenshot: Editorial)

The video clips are from YouTube and other movie sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo & DailyMotion. Optionally available when yaBeat MP3 as the audio format or MP4 video format available. The handling of the music search and-Batch Conversion engine yabeat is simple: Simply choose the desired song and select export format and then click Download. The search can be carried out directly in the browser or on the yaBeat app via smartphone or tablet.

yaBeat Top Browse 100 download charts

Alternatively, the user can browse Toplisten and download charts on yaBeat. The yaBeat charts present the currently most popular music videos. the video clips into MP3 songs can be converted at a touch. The yaBeat Top 100 provide music lovers with the currently trendy music videos. Title, artist and download speed are shown in a list. Who clicks on the small icon behind the download speed, the respective music video gets as MP3 song. The songs are saved to the user specified download folder and transferred to mobile devices.

yaBeat Search Top100Browse yaBeat Top 100 download chart and load! (Screenshot: Editorial)

Music search in the app yaBeat

Even easier it'll work with the yaBeat app: Here the user directly from the mobile application out can manage his yaBeat downloads and play right there too. Via batch are loaded at once if desired multiple songs or entire albums. The YouTube Converter assumes the titles of the tracks automatically.

In the yaBeat app, there are three options to find your own favorites as sound or video file. Either the user copies the link to the desired clip of the respective video portal and inserts it into the search box, this selects the top 100 list of the most popular tracks, or use the yaBeat search to search for artists, album title, or song. but are a bit disturbing, unfortunately, those annoying advertisements and pop-ups.

iTunes charts with YouTube videos to the official Top 100 of iTunes

In addition to the yaBeat Top 100 chart there is the iTunes charts so-called. This is the YouTube videos on the official Top 100 of iTunes. On request yaBeat converts here all the videos into MP3 files.