candy Crush Saga

candy Crush Saga

Similar to real sweets, also makes the Candy Crush Saga Download extremely addictive. The only difference: He leaves no curl on the hip! This free puzzle game brings Knobel heads in a colorful candy world. As Bejeweled aim is to bring sweets into the correct order. The game can be played on your computer or on your smartphone.

Candie puzzle for home and to go

Whether on the train, on the beach, fast times during a lunch break or at home – almost everywhere can be puzzling. The tasty game namely offers five variants for candy fun. So you can toss the one hand, by e-mail registration or a Facebook account on the computer. The key advantage here is the good sized field, which provides twice sweet treat. For a small candy-round between the Android, iOS app or the version you can download the other hand for the Kindle.

Candy Crush Saga DownloadCandy Crush Saga Download as sweet challenge for inventors (Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

plastering the candy after Candy Crush Saga Download correctly

When Candy Crush Saga sweet tooth and puzzle fans alike are in demand. In the puzzle game is about to restore order in the motley candy confusion and form rows. The player can in this case arrange horizontal or vertical rows of at least three drops. If this succeeds, the candy dissolve and turn into points. A little tip: Very clever gamers mix of various sweets new goodies, which can lead to Zugkaskaden and extra points.

Candy Crush Saga requires a lot of skill

The candy puzzle allowed in more than 100 levels of puzzling hardworking and brooding. It is possible that sweetmeats back alone or in a game against friends and heart uschi up. The gameplay is most gamers probably already known from Bejeweled, where sparkling gems need to be arranged in rows. For the rest, the Bejeweled download is available next to Candy Crush Saga.

Unlike the candy Bejeweled puzzle consults a key, a new strategic element: The number of moves is limited in order to achieve a specified minimum number of points per level. This raises the difficulty factor of the first relatively simple puzzles considerably. Another incentive: After completing each level, you can compare your highscore with those of Facebook friends and share.

Candy Crush Saga Download difficulty factorThe number of moves is limited (Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

Please enjoy with caution

Unfortunately, the candy puzzle has a tiny hook. Each Knobler has only a certain number of lives. Are these playful, it takes some time until you can arrange the next candy series. Since the games manufacturers offering in-app purchases, you could save yourself the wait. However, these are similar to the power-ups, enormously expensive and therefore not recommended.

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Sweets conquer Facebook

That is here to real brain-teaser, success is on Facebook. The game has made it to the 2013 Facebook game number 1 and thus the long favorites Angry Birds pushed from the throne. At that time, approximately 15.5 million Candy lovers played daily.

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