PC Alarm Clock

With the PC Alarm Clock Download can awaken in the morning with their favorite music and remember important events PC users.

PC Alarm Clock download with digital and analog

The alarm sound of the alarm clock and its volume can be freely selected and set. In addition, the user choice is whether he prefers a digital or an analog clock in the program interface. Useful is the ability to open at predetermined times files or Web pages to end certain programs to print file to authenticate users or to drive down the PC or restart.

PC Alarm Clock Download

Snooze function for automatic start

Upon request, PC Alarm Clock sends the computer at night in the standby mode or hibernation to save power. With the snooze function you can let the PC automatically start in the morning, This gives the user quick access to their own e-mail account and his Facebook messages without having to turn on the system itself manually.

Two parallel activated eggs clocks on board

An egg timer is also included. This recalls an uncomplicated way at the end of a period to take, for example, the tea bag from the cup or not to miss an important phone appointment. The countdown to the alarm can be set in hours, minutes and seconds. The shareware has to have two parallel activated egg timers that can be highlighted with different sounds. The shareware version can be tried out for 14 days without functional limitations. More Reminder to free download are available in our well-stocked software catalog.

PC Alarm Clock Download Egg Timer