Free watch movies and series, when you want? A new streaming provider promises, namely perfectly legal. What's Watchbox and where does it come from? We have investigated the issue and tell you more here.

What's WatchboxStill a streaming service? What exactly is Watchbox? (Image: Screenshot RTL / Editorial)

But what is actually Watchbox?

Watchbox in short, is a streaming service that is organized by RTL and is available via browser, Watchbox app for Android and iOS as well as various other possibilities - and completely free. The catch: I need you in between loads of view advertising. But one after anonther:

Conceptual Change: Watchbox solves Clipfish from

Behind Watchbox and Watchbox app hides the way, actually an old acquaintance. RTL has in fact changed the concept of its YouTube-like video portal Clipfish fundamentally and replaced with the new name through a streaming service. Quasi Netflix in free.

What's Watchbox MoviesMany lesser-known, but also star-studded movies and series can be discovered. (Image: Screenshot RTL / Editorial)

Thus Clipfish will build along with the idea, with usergeneriertem content and short clips from the RTL program a rival to YouTube, buried. For some time anime and various other episodes and movies have stayed there increasingly appeared. In this series and movie streaming one now wants to concentrate under a new name. That should answer the question "What is Watchbox?" Answer principle.

About 1,400 movies and 3,500 episodes of various series are available for retrieval to the portal start. but more to follow. Certainly RTL will also vary the offer between every now and again. The genres that are operated mainly are science fiction, anime, horror, independent films, as well as comedies, thrillers and shows. In a total of 25 categories, the organizers have divided the content.

What's Watchbox RegisterRegister and log in you must not necessarily you - but it has advantages. (Image: Screenshot RTL / Editorial)

Advertising can be a pain - but the quality is good

The project is financed by advertising - and in turn, may be added a bit annoying. For it is not broadcast only in the movies or series episodes commercials. Instead, the stream is interrupted several times for advertising. And that reminds one very classic to the television.In addition, all content can be viewed only in the German version. Original is not available on Watchbox far. For that convinced the quality of the stream is usually - as long as you can have a good internet connection.

Look can you Watchbox the appropriate Web app in the browser and on TV NOW, which Watchbox app for Android and iOS and Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Apple TV and various smart TVs. Login You do not have you doing absolutely - but with account you can watch a list of still to be looking content and collections invest to keep track. In addition, you can even if you have to take a break, continue to look later at the right place.

What's Watchbox SmartTVDo you want to access through a SmartTV content to over 16 years, you must specify a proof of age. (Image: Screenshot RTL / Editorial)

start streaming with or without registration

Sign you can watch by entering your e-mail address and a password. Optionally, you still can give first and last name. If your case has a Clipfish account can be of use. Only the password must change your.

But will you also watch content from 16 on a SmartTV, your need for an account ID, which you can create your on website. You must then specify your identity card number - which is not saved and is only for verifying your age. Then you can choose whether you want to create a PIN. This is useful if children live under 16 in the household that are not intended simply obtain access to content from 16 years.

So what is Watchbox? A free streaming service from RTL, which provides some content ready, which normally are not found, but also top series and movies in the portfolio - but funded with annoying advertising. If that does not matter, can definitely take a look. Kost 'yes nothing.