The Knuddels app provides mobile access to over 400 chat rooms and over one million new people. Especially when teenagers Knuddels is popular and one of the most successful chats in Germany.

With the app Knuddels meet, chat and play people

After registering with a valid e-mail address users can make new contacts in over 400 chat rooms. In addition to location-based rooms, there are also theme-based chat rooms for every interest or hobby, such as Gothic, wrestling, volleyball, lovesickness or books. Even a flirtatious is not insignificant: In rooms as singles, Flirtextase or love nest to users to embark on the search for a sparkling conversation, or the great love. In addition Chat About Techno, consoles or Apple, which Knuddels app offers a number of games to pass the time. In other users can be, among others, the games mix, Hangman, Mafia and Mafia 2.0 WordMix, quiz or fifty! gamble. In addition, My Channels diverse User offers apps, ranging from RPGs to cover tricky tasks.

Knuddels appQuick make new contacts app with the Knuddels.

Even more cuddly features and a look at security

In order to get quickly in touch with other users own profile page can be created on the platform and images are uploaded to the photo gallery. In addition, eBay, offers Chattertreffen and forum support for all questions and problems. Problems had the party indeed. Knuddels had a reputation for being a melting pot for adults with pedophiles while ago. Meanwhile, the provider has built with various safety barriers to protect young people against possible attacks. The three pillars education, technical measures and assistance should it move the protection of minors in the focus and make the chat room to a secure location. the risk alone that adults make contact with minors, persists despite these opportunities - especially as the user profiles are checked in any way or verified.

Free pastime with in-app purchases

The Knuddels app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. Actually, almost all essential functions are free of charge. Unlike most dating apps to establish contact with other users is not limited. Only for boosters that will enhance the company's profile, users need access to real money.