Dragon Soul 2023

Dragon Soul

Fantasy fans watch out – there is again Kite supplies. In the free Dragon Soul Android Game is packed with countless monsters and bosses that need to make it flat. User can form in the role play together with other players guilds compete against them and scour the successful 3D world for treasures and new adventures beyond.

Kite fighting in Dragon Soul Android & iOS

Who has come into the socket at the title of the app, because he has heard it somewhere before, is correct. There was already an online role-playing game with this name that originated Neonga from the house. However, it was discontinued. In the Dragon Soul app from US companies PerBlue is a completely different and stand-alone game, even if it moves in the same genre as the namesake. Users are sent to a fanciful world of heroes and dragons, in which they have to compete against powerful monsters in numerous battles.

Dragon Soul AndroidDragon Soul Android for brave heroes

The role play in multiplayer game, which was developed after the freemium principle. Say, it can be downloaded free for both Android and iOS, but offers optional in-app purchases. Note: Rates are particularly high in this game, they are more than three to more than a hundred euros.

Many heroes in Dragon Soul app

The exciting thing about the role play is already a wide selection of heroes that stand out not only in terms of their skills, but also because of their funny appearance. The gamers are served more than 40 heroes who belong to different categories. Including, for example, the dark horse, which belongs to the group tank or Red Beard from the group Damage. The selection is also expanding steadily.

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Each hero has four powerful skills as well as eight levels of rarity. The player can continue to expand and equip him with crazy weapons like enchanted elbow protectors or laser kitten so the skills of each fighter’s course.

Dragon Soul Android HeroesKunterbunte hero selection

Struggles and the role play game modes

The further the gamer is and the more game modes it goes through, the more heroic he can collect, of course. Battle opportunities are there in the Dragon Soul Android Game at least for the large number of enemies enough. Thus the player at slaughter should always act with strategic skills when he puts five heroes. The only way he can win and compete against increasingly tougher opponents.

In addition, one player vs. player can enter battles against real players also in the fight pit exciting. Here attract beneficial prices and glory. In addition, gamers can also form guilds to compete against very powerful opponents. For optimal communication is guaranteed thanks to chat feature.