Android calibrate compass and find the way

Your smartphone will lead you astray? Then you should the Android calibrate Compass to arrive back in the right place. Here you find out more!

Wrong direction? Android calibrate Compass

Actually, the Google Maps app's extremely reliable and leads us nowadays almost startling just the right place if we are guided by it. But what if we suddenly the app is misleading and we are constantly running in the wrong direction, because the blue dot can not decide or appears so inaccurate that we still end up in the wrong road?

Maybe you have your smartphone also just launched new? Also in this case, it may be that the magnetic sensor must be readjusted. However, electromagnetic interference can also provide confusion of the sensor.

Then it is time to calibrate the compass Android. And that's not all that difficult. All you need to access Google Maps or any other service that relies on the GPS signal, and go as pie. On Google Maps, but you can see directly whether everything worked.

Android calibrate CompassSmartphone confused? Then you should calibrate your Android compass. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Calibrate compass with Google Maps.

  1. Ensures that there are no electrical appliances or metal objects in the immediate neighborhood and opens Google Maps.
  2. Now you should see the blue dot with jet. If the beam very broad, which is a sign that should be calibrated.
  3. Take your smartphone and moves slowly, but several times a so your moves in a figure of eight in front of you, the device in all three axes. Rotate it therefore enjoys now and then.
  4. Once the beam is again narrow and not wildly jumps in the area or changes direction, you have successfully calibrated and can use the Maps services and other GPS apps as usual with high accuracy.

Android Calibrate Compass Eight drawTo calibrate the compass, you need to with your cell phone one night stand or otherwise rotate about all three axes, once you have Google Maps or other location service open. (Image: Google)

Samsung: More possibility of calibrating

If your a Samsung device, you can calibrate of the program settings:

  1. Selected in the phone app code +# 0 + #.
  2. It opens a window with different tiles. Make your decision for the tile sensor.
  3. There you can calibrate the sensor now also.

Android Calibrate Compass accuracyLeft of the picture you can see a wide tail the blue dot. The sensor must be calibrated. Right narrower the tail, indicating higher accuracy. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

eliminate confounding factors

Have you contrast Constantly problems navigating and must again and again calibrate the compass Android, looks but after even know if you have been using a mobile phone case with magnetic closure and often have a magnet in the vicinity of your device. Even it may be that the magnetic sensor is constantly confused and you have to recalibrate.

but you can also increase the accuracy: In the settings of your smartphone you'll find in the tab Location under site mode multiple settings. reached your high accuracy, if you allow the location via GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks. Only GPS or only over Wi-Fi and Co. also works - but not nearly as accurate as in the mix.