With the Spotify web player the music fan has the opportunity to get app or the Spotify Download Spotify to enjoy the music database without downloading the Spotify. But now and then it happens: the Spotify Web Player not working. We show what the reasons may be and how to fix mistakes.

Spotify Web Player not workingThis message appears from time to time when the Spotify web player does not work.

The Spotify Web Player is not working - what to do?

Sometimes the Spotify app just works or it is simply not possible to download the program, for example on public computers. In the case of music service advises to use the web player - a really good alternative. But it can also happen that this same web player denied us the service. The reasons can be many:

Spotify web player does not work all disturbancesOn the side allestoerungen.de there is also a Spotify bottom, where you can report a problem.

  1. It sounds trite, but it is one of the most common mistakes: The Internet connection is missing. So first of all check whether you are actually online.
  2. One of the most common problems is the Flash plugin from Adobe with which the Web Player is running. If the installed version of date, can cause the problems. Therefore, one should even look first if the plugin up to date and update it if necessary. Then restart the browser and access the player.
  3. Helps the Flash update does not, the error could also be due to the browser. Just open the web player in another browser and see if there can play music. In the new browser - preferably Chrome or Firefox - but the Flash plugin must also be up to date.
  4. Sometimes it is because of misplaced cookies when you realize: the Spotify web player does not work. This can be ascertained when you start the browser in Incognito mode and calls the player. the web service works there, just delete cookies.
  5. Also Machne browser plug-ins and add-ons can cause problems. Gradually disable individual extensions after much can bring.
  6. Some public computers access to the Spotify web player via proxy or firewall is disabled. you could still get lucky on this link.
  7. If all else fails, we turn to the best Spotify support. Or just wait a bit, and checked in the meantime allestoerungen.de the page. There all faults are listed - and you can also submit your own. Also, the Twitter-Channel "Spotify status" can assist in finding the problem.

Spotify Web Player is not working TwitterOn the Twitter side of the music service, there are many tips on interference or tips for private listening.

exclude errors and, if necessary, contact support

Who abklappert these points gradually, can exclude the error often and quickly comes back to enjoy the music. Sometimes there are also simple Spotify internal problems, but usually last only a few minutes. but if the service is a little longer down but once, and all other causes of errors can be excluded, one can still resort to Youtube or some other alternative - and contact support.