AppBooster ignites under Windows the afterburner for optimal PC power in games and power-hungry applications. The freeware completed at your fingertips unnecessary background services and programs for Windows and presents the more computing power - now available with sidebar. With the built-in AppBooster wizard to create a personal profile AppBooster in a few steps. Here the user defines which Windows services, applications and processes off the program during the execution of important applications. In addition, the optimizer will automatically switch to the Windows power profile "Maximum Performance"To get the last bit of CPU power. The old state can be restored with one click without rebooting. The free AppBooster wants to make full use of the computer slumbering power potential. The freeware takes users the tedious manual optimization work and ends unnecessary functions, processes and services automatically and without reboot. Too bad that most of the interesting features like Auto Boost & Co. are only available in the Pro version. Perhaps the Pro shines indeed with fewer program crashes.

Limitations of AppBooster

Fewer features than the Pro. Pro features are integrated for 14 days as a demo.