SchnapperPro 2.1.13 / 2.2 / 1.3

SchnapperPro are professional eBay retailers a variety of useful functions to the hand. In a clear program window shareware manages an unlimited number of parallel auctions. Thanks to data transfer through multiple channels and a technology called Multiinstancing SchnapperPro also offers on at the same time ending auctions. So that the bids received in time, the shareware brings the clocks of the eBay server and the local PC in line if desired. Practical: If you want to bid on at night running articles, must not sit in front of the computer remain let it run all the time. SchnapperPro wakes up the PC in time to before the auction ends from standby mode. It should be noted that at, the shareware provides by default because only this platform allows automatic bids. Who can do without the automatic bidding, should also take a look at the completely free version: snapper addition can be found in the download area also extensions for the popular web browser.

Limitations of SchnapperPro 2.1.13 / 2.2 / 1.3

30 day trial.