Hungry Shark Evolution app 2023

Hungry Shark Evolution app

The Hungry Shark Evolution app convinced with great graphics, a huge underwater world and humor. The gameplay is easily explained. A total of ten different species of sharks are at the success of the play mobile games developer Future Games of London. In order to Megalodon or even Big Daddy – the most powerful and largest shark creature in play – move up, you have to eat. Depending on the species of shark, the menu is different.

In Hungry Shark Evolution app you control as a player a shark with a generous amount carbon vapor. A total of ten shark species there are in the game. It starts with the comparatively small reef shark, followed by mako shark, the Hammerhead, Tiger Shark and the great white shark. The largest is omnivorous Megalon. If you have unlocked all of these sharks, you can unlock even more sharks or shark-like creatures, including Big Daddy, actually consuming everything except volcanic rock.

Hungry Shark Evolution app with 10 hungry shark species

Eat plays a big role in the Hungry Shark Evolution app. Depending on the species of shark the diet precipitates times greater, sometimes more modest. As a reef shark, for example, it feeds on tropical fish, barracuda, flying fish, sardines, tuna, crab, other sharks, but also of people, fallen into the sea Paraglider example. As Megalodon, which can be up to 25 feet tall, it feeds again, not only from other fish and sharks, but also of small fish boats and helicopters. In principle, the second-most powerful shark eats (after Big Daddy) everything except poison containers, death mines and mini sub torpedoes.

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Hungry Shark Evolution app

Megalodon and Big Daddy mightiest

The larger and more powerful the shark, the more extensive the menu. But the bigger the diet, the more pronounced is also the hunger needs of the shark or shark-like creature, because Big Daddy is more of a Dunkleosteus-Something, that a representative from the kind of Placodermata, also called armored fish.

Of course, you will not be protected as a shark in the Hungry Shark Evolution app from danger. The reef shark, for example, which is characterized by its special maneuverability, must beware of bombs, jellyfish or fire and puffers. The Makrohai turn must take cover at lantern fish.

Hungry Shark Evolution combines different genres

Depending on the species of shark you recover faster or slower attacks. As Megalodon or great white shark, but you have to make relatively little worry in this regard. They both have the highest health and boost status in the app. Overall, the mobile game thus combines sent elements of different genres, especially from the genre of arcade and action games.