So easy you can cut in Audacity

So easy you can cut in Audacity

Among the main features of audio editing the cut belongs. We show how easy it is with cut Audacity can. Read more here!

Among music lovers and -bastlern the free Download Audacity is no longer a secret. The tool comes with not only countless sound effects and filters, it also allows the processing of audio on as many tracks. The special is: Despite the wide array of features, it is easy to use. Thus even beginners to the audio tool can venture. Among the first steps and main features of the program the cutting of audio files counts. How easy it is to cut it with Audacity, the following guide will show.

cut AudacityAudacity is audio files can be easily cut. (Image: Screenshot Audacity / Editorial)

Cut into Audacity to edit music

want to change beginners and enthusiasts of audio editing, the music or voice signals, is to acquire basic functions of audio technology at first. For this, the record and the intersection of audio files are just like the use of effects and filters. A good way to learn these tasks, but to use the free program Audacity. With an easy-held interface and intuitive handling beginners can quickly achieve success. will be explained below in support, how to cut with Audacity and can change as files.

Editing music: How It Works

To use the instructions for editing music follow, must first be downloaded Audacity and installed. In addition, a piece of music or a voice recording is required, which can be used for processing. The format of the file is irrelevant, since the sound-editing software can handle all popular audios. Therefore, music files are available in the following formats: Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AIFF, AU, VOC, FLAC or WAV. If the conditions are satisfied, in Step 1 first open the program and select the music piece to be machined. To the menu bar, the point file and below open … clicked. Once a file is retrieved, it will now be displayed in the editor window as a waveform signal. To play the file, you can press the space bar or press the play button.

Audacity cutting tool(Image: Screenshot Audacity / Editorial)

in the 2&# 46; step it is now a question of determining the area that you want to cut into Audacity and remove them from the play. For this, the selection tool is needed, which is already active in the rule at the start of the program. If this is the case, can be notice when you move the mouse over the signal. Is it the cursor, it is active. If not, the tool, which is listed on the top left (under File) must be clicked. The selection of an area by pressing the left mouse button at the starting point of the desired region and to the end point attracts and then releases. the selection now appears as labeled, colored background casual area.

Audacity cut selection(Image: Screenshot Audacity / Editorial)

In order to cut out the selected area from the audio file, the user clicks in step 3 the tool scissors. Alternatively, Ctrl X can be pressed. The choice was perhaps not quite accurately, this step CTRL Z can be reversed. If you want to cut away not the selection, but everything around it and keep the selection, the Trim command can – inverted cropping are clicked.

Audacity cut result(Image: Screenshot Audacity / Editorial)