Far Cry Primal

The fifth part of the Far Cry series catapults players into the Stone Age, in the dangerous world of Oros. In the role of an experienced hunter must in Far Cry Primal Download wild beasts tamed, the enlarged own ordinary and enemy strains are controlled.

Far Cry Primal Download: In the Stone Age

Once the gamer has already conquered the tropics and the Himalayas in the predecessors, he will be sent to a time when man was still standing on the very edge of the food chain: the Stone Age. The player is fighting not only for survival, but the survival of humanity. Thus the gamer is facing the perils of 10,000 years ago: saber-toothed tigers, mammoths and other predators must be fought and / or tamed. Here you cross an impressive landscape of the past with infinite expanse.

Far Cry Primal DownloadFar Cry Download Primal brings players into the Stone Age

At the fifth part have four development teams - Montreal, Kiev, Toronto and Shanghai - worked at Ubisoft. The game is in addition to the Windows PC version also available for the PS4 and XBOX One.

In Far Cry Primal to Beastmaster

The user assumes the role of an experienced hunter, a Takkars. He is the last survivor of his tribe who is not just trying to stay alive, but to secure its future by climbing to the top of the food chain. For this he needs to develop his skills, increase his tribe, find new allies and destroy enemy tribes.That is, the player builds in Far Cry Primal Download weapons from killed animals which sneaks up on enemies to trap them or hunted wild animals on his wanderings. In addition, he can play with the fire to chase animals and to strengthen weapons.

Far Cry Download Primal animals tameThe best weapon: domesticated animals

The most effective weapon - will not get very far without the player - are the wild animals. This, of course, need to be tamed. Were they baited with a piece of meat, then defeated in a mini-game, they are loyal allies for life. Each animal has different skills that a play into the hands. The owl, for example, the invisible eye that can spy the enemy camp.

Graphic awakens Stone Age

The open-world sandbox game not only brings endless action, but the final frontier on the home PC. The player is immersed in a time in which he can experience the earth in its original form: Quaint, moist wetlands, huge forest formations and the Redwood Valley are just a few landscapes of the majestic Oros world. As wild as the flora is just the fauna in Far Cry Primal. Huge wild herds fearsome saber-toothed tigers and mammoths and other beasts look delicious prey in the player.

Far Cry for ages 16 years

The surprise is that the game has already been released from 16 years, was great. If you look at the level of violence, it must be said that it is similar to Far Cry. 4 The user shoots arrows and spears of wild animals and enemies, which then bore into the flesh. Even with the club will not be added squeamish. In addition, the treacherous killing methods in which spears are pushed through the body, not for the squeamish, because of blood there is no shortage there truly.