Paper Ruler Print

Paper Ruler Print

With the Paper Ruler Print Download gives the user without great expense from a Ruling with your own desktop printer. Here, the simple layout lets the user design of the standards in the font formatting and the color of the strokes.

Paper Ruler Print Download with arbitrary lines

Also, immortalized paper ruler print the work results at the request at an arbitrary angle on the leaves. In this way, somewhat longer extent than 29.7 centimeters less printer edge for example, are possible in A4 format. Paper Ruler Print influenced not only the color of the lines, but has it on request of the user and an arbitrary thickness to.

Paper Ruler Print DownloadPaper Ruler Print Download: make rulers and print

Flexible design of rulers

So the demo is, for example, to give school classes priced rulers for short-term use of the hand. Anyone currently looking for example rulers in inch size division, the reader is referred to rulers for printing. There, measuring tools found in various versions for free download.

Print limitations of paper-ruler

The print function is disabled.