Driving Speed ​​2 invites aspiring racers a virtual jaunts on the PC. The free racing game provides a reasonably realistic driving physics and runs on souped 3D graphics cards and on weaker hardware visually appealing. The graphics in Driving Speed ​​2 can be runterschrauben extent that even outdated graphics cards produce smooth frame rates, without which the game suffers. Pixel Shader and authentic metal and glass reflections reflections allow high-resolution graphics grandeur with a strong 3D accelerator. Driving Speed ​​2 offers both a single-player mode against the computer and online races on the network to racers of flesh and blood. The available V8 racer designed for different tastes of clean approaching bends to drift monsters and make you feel good. The tracks are driveable and sometimes grip-technically very demanding. If you are traveling only with the lead foot, wins a potted plant. The free Driving Speed ​​2 has to offer some friends of racing. Both graphics as sound and are on a high technical level. Point deduction, there are in the area's perimeter. Only five vehicles and two routes to choose from - making but neat mood and provide lots of fun.