With the 1A image sucker Download the user fetches a software on the PC, which makes it possible to download the images, graphics and photos to a website with a few clicks. The main parameters can be set manually. So you can, for example, download only a certain size of images. This not only saves time but also bandwidth. You can download many free Download Manager in our product catalog. Among these software programs are for searching and downloading of email addresses, a lot of video downloaders for many different video platforms and of course numerous download manager for photos and graphics. One of the most reliable and popular in this category is the 1A image sucker.

1A image sucker Download allows you create a profile image

After 1A image sucker Download the user can determine what type of images and graphics to be downloaded. In this way you can save both time and bandwidth and disk space. The button for applying a so-called image profile is formed in the top menu bar of the graphical user interface. So you can, for example, limit the file size of the image, but also the size or aspect ratio. Of course it is also possible to download all the images from a website without exception.

Picture Downloader with smart features

Depending on how extensive a website is or how to configure the picture profile is to download the files two important bandwidth and storage space. At both image sucker was thought in the development of 1A. If a download process but once take too long or be interrupted for other reasons - no problem! You can always interrupt the program without causing any detriment or the download process has to be started from scratch again. Instead, the program remembers the point where the download was interrupted, and continues the work exactly at this point away again.

1A image sucker Download

Downloader adds independently incorrect file extensions

Even more: During the download process you can already view the images. For this, you can either use the image sucker in 1A Download integrated full screen or a separate, external program for image viewing depending on personal preference. To bad file name one need not worry because the software detects this and supplemented or corrected automatically the appropriate places so that it is ensured that the download processes are implemented fully and correctly. Also the user-friendly sorting you've done worrying. So you can specify, for example, if you want to take the folder structure of the website when it is stored or images and graphics to be stored in a single folder, which you can set yourself. Reliable image sucker with thoughtful features 1A image sucker download offers users a reliable software to download pictures and images from the Internet. Particularly useful are the numerous setting options that you can control the amount or quality of the downloads targeted.