SoftPerfect RAM Disk

SoftPerfect RAM Disk sets up fast RAM disks under Windows with a few mouse clicks. The freeware manages up to 26 drives in memory. The contents of the RAM disks ensures the helper to disk and presents them after a system reboot restores.

RAM disks set up with the SoftPerfect RAM Disk Download

In the settings of SoftPerfect RAM Disk lay user determines the size and the number and the file system of RAM disks. The free RAM disk software can handle both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. In 32-bit operating systems, the maximum size of the RAM disk is for technical reasons at about 3.5 gigabytes. To prevent data loss during system shutdown, SoftPerfect RAM disk stores the contents of the volatile memory to the hard drive and presents it with a restart restores. The RAM disks can be addressed like an ordinary removable drive in Windows Explorer.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk Download

RAM disks provide faster by a factor of 10 or more access to data compared with hard drives. Even SSDs can not compete with the speed of a RAM disk. SoftPerfect RAM Disk is thus a practical option for users who need a lightning quick access to data.