Attention! Reinforced Amazon phishing e-mails in circulation

Attention! Reinforced Amazon phishing e-mails in circulation

reinforced Amazon Phishing-Mails with correct data in circulation! We reveal how to detect fraudulent messages and to protect themselves from fraud!

Amazon phishing

The fraudulent messages that moment you will find increasingly in the mailboxes of Amazon customers see, look remarkably real.

Amazon Phishing example

Even the sender [email protected] or [email protected] inspire confidence at first glance. Customers a suspicious operation are been tested under the pretext that there was or there would have been a renewal in the system prompted to re-enter their user data. Would not act in time, the account holder must pay the costs.
These links should be clicked in any case.

A note in advance: A secure entry of personal data exclusively on the Amazon site or after the Amazon App Download directly in the application possible.

Amazon Phishing: Reply No way!

Even if the content is very urgent, customers should respond under any circumstances to the e-mail or even enter their data to the specified site. Amazon Phishing you can very easily identify despite deceptively real presentation. Amazon itself points out that in principle no e-mails will be sent to:

  • … require data verification via a link.
  • … include attachments or software to install.
  • … refer to unknown orders. This can be seen on the website in the section My orders.
  • … link to pages that have no point before the ending.
  • … contain spelling errors.

Furthermore, no links can be opened at the specified data entry sites. Should any of these be fulfilled, one can assume that it is aimed at stealing bank details cybercriminals. What then is to be done?

1. Amazon phishing was recognized

After identifying a fraudulent e-mail, you should report them directly from Amazon. Affected customers can report fraud under [email protected] For this, the phishing email should be sent as an attachment as possible. If this is not possible, this can also be sent as forwarding. Within minutes after reporting the Amazon Phishing you get a confirmation email.

2. It has responded to the e-mail or input data

The e-mails look so real and inform the holder of the account under so much pressure that many Amazon customers click on the link provided in terror, leaving their data in the worst case. In this case, action should be taken as quickly as possible.

  • Were on the phishing site, the Amazon data entered a new password should be set under the password-assistance. In addition, under My Account, can all actions relating to the account tracked and unauthorized orders may still be canceled.

  • Were on a possible phishing Web site, the account information is entered, the financial institution should be informed as soon as possible. If necessary, the payment data must then be adjusted to Amazon.

3. General information Phishing Protection

Those who want to protect themselves against phishing attacks, should also consider the following:

  • It should always be installed to-date antivirus software
  • All installed programs should be regularly updated.
  • It should never react to unexpected emails or existing links are called.