War Thunder

War Thunder is likely to make the heart of every PC Warrior faster and higher. Awarded the title of Best Simulation Gamescom 2013, the Free2Play game after the air battles of World War II. Thus War Thunder makes its competitor World of Warplanes powerful fire under the wings. Even in the open beta to the pilots offer more than 100 bombers and fighters, including weapons to choose from, of course, free playable by gradual rises in the career ladder. Whether one caught in Russian, German, American, British and Japanese cockpits, it is up to each player himself. Here, War Thunder is not only for die-hard MMO gamers. Also lone likely to have their fun, and these can be mastered as optional Koop to the solo missions. Those who prefer more action, romps in the airspace of the numerous maps, each of which recorded a total of 32 fighters. And if that's enough is still not change, plays one of the scenarios that are based on famous historical locations such as Pearl Harbor. the editor may be considered icing, can be created with the now also completely own maps and missions, skins, and even airplanes. test absolutely!