Qixxit - Trip Planner 2023

Qixxit – Trip Planner

Many roads lead to Rome, but which is the right one? The Qixxit app checked almost all transport – bus and train to rental car and wheel – so that everyone can find its optimal connection and can book immediately. Here the user has in Germany all means of transport in an app, and also benefits from the integrated accompaniment mode.

Qixxit app: All transportation in an app

The options from A to B., today are almost endless – train, bus, airplane, bicycle, car, etc. But which of these options is the fastest or the cheapest? A question that you either check with infinitely more effort and research or simply by the Qixxit – can answer travel planner. The app takes into account 15 different transport and makes it clear to the user to today. Conveniently, the user can book now on the app, the desired compound also. Simple and convenient as it gets.

Qixxit appTransport that takes account / source Qixxit app: Screenshot Qixxit

The application is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free. iPhone and iPad users need at least iOS version 7.0; Android devices should have 2.3.3.

Qixxit – Travel Planner: Customized routes

Everyone has when it comes to traveling, his own preferences. During wants to be at the finish one as quickly as possible, would the other particularly favorable and come from A to B and still others like it not to travel by bus. To meet each of these needs, Qixxit combines all modes of transport in one app. Among other things, train, bus, car rental, car sharing, carpool, bike, plane, taxi, etc. into account.

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Qixxit App PlanningQixxit shows all options in comprehensible

For a requested connection, the app now displays all options. At any travel type the user also duration, cost, Umstiege, footpaths and arrival time are displayed. the user can now choose according to his preferences AND book immediately.

is also extremely practical function environment-offs. Here you can check with a click again if it does not exist yet better connections, if only a little adjusting the starting point.

Qixxit app accompaniment modePractical: ambient start-search as well as accompaniment mode

Only plan, then accompany

If you have chosen a path and booked this that Qixxit app is not yet at the end with their skills. Anyone who wants can enable digital companion. This includes a transition preview with timer, a progress indicator and keeps the real-time data. Who has put away his cell phone times, is also supplied with automatic memories. Also, you can store in its account search queries and booked routes.