Hibiscus brings a powerful software for online banking on the computer. The freeware from the open source community supports the management of multiple accounts, HBCI, smart cards, scheduled payments and much more.

Hibiscus Download as reliable online banking software

Hibiscus requires the installation of Java and the runtime environment Jameica platform. The banking program calls balance and transactions of any number of accounts from online. Naturally it is possible for online banking transactions as well as individual or collective transfers, standing orders or direct debits set up and perform. In addition Hibiscus exported bank statements or bank messages in the document formats HTML, MT940, CSV or PDF. Also worth mentioning is the support of DDV-chip cards. The latest update provides improvements especially in the area of ​​SEPA.

Hibiscus download

Hibiscus makes online banking to a simple standard task in Windows. Common security such as PIN / TAN, chipTAN and smsTAN or DDV smart cards provide Hibiscus no problems. Convenient search functions, offline banking as well as a customizable home page with financial index complete the freeware.