Freeletics Prices: For whom is the fitness site worth

These Freeletics prices come up to slimmers, if they want to sign up for the hardest fitness program ever. We have compiled all costs clearly!

Freeletics includes both the hardest and the most efficient fitness concepts that are currently on the market. is trained only with your own body weight, additional sports equipment (apart from a chin-up bar and matching clothes) is not necessary - all the more iron will. The training plans and exercises can be as mobile accessed after downloading the app Freeletics both via the PC. Since the exercises anywhere, so can undergo even outdoors, the mobile version makes perfect sense.

Freeletics pricesFreeletics Prices: The cost of the dream body!

Freeletics Price: Registration and basic program is free

The good news: Both the registration with Freeletics and the app will be charged. To register a valid e-mail address is used. For the basic version so there is no cost, but still gives access to the following functions:

  • Ten out of a total of nearly 30 training plans namely: Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Dione, Krios, Metis, Morpheus, Nyx, Persephone and Zeus
  • Four Exercises in the areas of endurance, Standard and force with the appropriate video tutorials
  • Access to the community with Feed, leaderboards and Freeletics groups in the immediate vicinity
  • Access to the Knowledge Center with information about training, motivation, health and nutrition, and the Freeletics Blog
  • The free eBook: Freeletics - the best tricks for more success at Freeletics

Freeletics prices for the personalized training plan

The coach offers the access to all training plans and videos customized support that is adapted to the personal condition and goals. The program is available only on a subscription basis, the prices are Freeletics attend depending on the term:

  • Three months for 34.99 €
  • Six months for 59.99 €
  • Twelve months for 79.99 €

Since the program is designed to 15 weeks, it seems to make sense not to offer shorter maturities. On the other hand, the training is so demanding that probably very few people maintain their good intentions and tough traverse three months. For beginners rich first in any case the free basic functions. Who did it and is excited about the concept should continue with the paid coach.

Food Program costs extra

In contrast to alternative apps there is no integrated nutrition coach at Freeletics. Which can be for one-time 29, hinzubuchen 99 euros. You can choose between two versions: weight loss or muscle building. Even the eating plan - like the training program spread over 15 weeks, and less of a diet as a change in diet. With simple, healthy recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, the training are supported and achieved personal goals faster.