Of the JPG Illuminator Download corrected professional exposure errors and other image disturbances. The photo freeware provides the user with many possibilities for image manipulation. In addition to the exposure these include the sharpness and circumcision.

Edit snapshots with the JPG Illuminator Download

After the user has loaded a photo in JPG Illuminator, he changed via sliders exposure compensation and influences the lights compression. is extremely useful to the "ORIG button": As long as it is pressed, makes the photo tool to its original state of the picture is with a mouse click, the freeware shows even illumination differences on in individual image regions..

JPG Illuminator Download

automate operations

To make it easier to recurring operations, the Fotofreund accesses the presets. They contain the settings that need only be applied to a photo. JPG Illuminator also curtails pictures in an arbitrary ratio, reflects and rotates it.

The options at a glance

  • Lights with the characteristic of the exposure of a camera
  • Color correction with precise white balance (either to gray or to skin tone)
  • Manipulation of the lights, of the centers, of the shadow and the black point
  • Three contrast functions, spectral color correction
  • S / W conversion with color filters, and toning film grain
  • Negative-positive inversion
  • Smoothing and sharpening images
  • Align perspective equalization, barrel aand fish eye correction, cropping, scaling,
  • Correction of vignetting and lateral chromatic errors
  • Brisk Working with filter presets and batch processing
  • Simple quick operation with smart functions (for example, "like last image")
  • Lean software that runs without installation (including on a memory stick)

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