With RealPlayer cloud the long-established manufacturer RealNetworks presents the next and date equipped generation of its audio and video playback software. As the name suggests, the free in the basic version Player links the home computer with the increasingly popular online storage.

RealPlayer Cloud Download: classic among the players in the next generation

In order to fully exploit its potential, not only the RealPlayer Cloud Download required as such. In addition, the manufacturer also provides free apps for mobiles such as iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets and for Kindle Fire and Windows 8Rechner on. The hardware streamer Chromecast and desktop boxes of the brand Roku can be controlled. Who like not in use, can look around in our software offering other video players for download.

download Media Player and share media online

If you have downloaded both the PC version of RealPlayer Cloud as installed the app for their mobile device, the media player works according to the supplier "like Dropbox for video". And for audio and photos, should be added. By clicking one loads namely appropriate files high in the cloudy data storage. From there, you not only takes itself from the network to the data, but releases it as an option for friends to view or play.

Since this course can also provide their collections with appropriate clearances, created after download RealPlayer Cloud as a networked and from anywhere accessible library. A plug vermouth poured RealNetworks but in the Trunk: In the basic version is filled a maximum of two gigabytes of memory with content, which nevertheless appears quite narrow calculated in view of increasing proliferation of HD video. After all, we extend the cloud storage by recruiting friends for RealPlayer Cloud Download or just using the mobile app on their device.

Video Player for YouTube and Facebook videos

Even otherwise shows RealPlayer Cloud on the amount of time. Thus, a click on the button web videos currently popular YouTube videos together, but it also does a search, other clips will be tracked down with the help. Also scour video Fans Channel by different categories, Mark favorite videos with bookmarks and look at after Facebook login, which have so divided her friends there to Flimchen.

download real player cloud

Additionally on board: A rudimentary Cutting tool for video and a copier that clips optimized for Player of the i-series on PSP and Zune to various Android mobile transfers. The Burning DVDs is also provided for but the freeware version of RealPlayer Cloud purchase required to be extended to the Plus version.

Audio player can also play web radio

Who listens more willingly, which the download RealPlayer Cloud proposes a palette Web radio stations from around the world in front. Unfortunately still missing a search function, which is sad for fans not everyday music. Therefore imported to music CDs iTunes-style in libraries. The burning function for audio and MP3 CDs is available for free. In summary it can be said to download the RealPlayer Cloud that the Approach quite successful is mentioned. The surface is contemporary, navigation and handling opens up quickly and online interfaces and apps make sense. however, to be noted on the debit side are the functional limitations of the right lean cloud storage and annoying after a while advertising in various places.