Of the Foxit Reader Download equips PC users out with a fast viewer and converter for PDF documents. Where the original can be happy times in coming, Foxit Reader is called into action within a few seconds. The slender Foxit Reader download there's also a portable version.

Foxit Reader download as an alternative to Adobe Reader

Foxit Reader owes its popularity not least the competition: The Adobe Reader angered many users from unnecessary plugins and unnecessarily long loading times. For so many, this was the reason to look for an alternative. The free PDF Reader is but not only fast but also quite comfortable. Multiple open documents are organized according to the example of a browser such as in tabs. Who wants to not only read PDFs, but also correct and supplement, can by the comment function of both written and graphic remarks, as well as commentaries in audio and video-maintain.

Foxit Reader Download

Fast insert comments

Various special tools for Comment sections of text and highlighting, strikethrough or underlining are on board. So you can specifically point out important passages and make notes. Optional changes directly in the PDF or in a separate change file stored. This facilitates the handling of large PDFs and collaborative editing of a document by multiple people. The change files can be imported, exported and sent. With Browser plug-ins can be prepared by the Foxit Reader download view PDF documents from the Internet directly in the browser window. The popular Web browsers are supported.

Foxit Reader Download strikethrough

Convert PDFs with Foxit Reader in text files

The edits are either saved with the PDF document, or can be printed out with. And here Foxit Reader plays another of his strengths - the otherwise often quite slow printing especially for high-resolution documents is a special optimization accelerated. Converting PDFs in a simple text file is also stated on the agenda function. Not only the features but also in terms of design, much has happened. Foxit Reader now has a chic, modern surface. Tools and sidebar can be hidden if desired. Useful is the AutoScroll. With this, the user viewed without scrolling the PDF manual at high speed.

Foxit Reader download AutoScroll

attach files to PDFs

In addition to the PDF document page preview can be displayed. A red border around the respective preview indicates which part is being viewed or edited. Each time you can attach files to PDFs and so this expand pictures, statistics and other sources. The search function allows us to directly browse through a document or to sift through all open documents for a keyword. The digitally sign means DocuSign replaces a signature.

Foxit Reader Download Signing

Foxit Reader is available in German and English

The Foxit Reader download is ready in both an English and a German version. The latter lags the English standard version usually a version number behind and is minimal older. Owners of small netbooks to access Classmate Edition, which is also available for download.