Kick-off 2011 - Football Manager presents itself as a realistic simulation of the football business. The freeware game puts players in the role of manager of a Bundesliga club. The goal is at kickoff 2011 - The football manager clearly defined: to become German champions. On the way there are those known in games of this genre tasks set. Its core business is, of course, building a powerful team by skillfully economies. Stadium upgrades are also available as sources of revenue for bailing ready as merchandising or lucrative advertising contracts. By building a youth section provides you with kick-off 2011 - The football manager both that keep spending on new players in the frame and achieved through sales hopeful talents transfer revenues. Real player or club name you're looking for lack of license, although in vain, who want to make the effort, but uses the built-in editor. With the help of this module to fit the fancy name to reality and binds desired even photos of the players one. Kick-off 2011 - Football Manager also offers the option of your own sounds in the form of MP3 files in the free game to be integrated.

Limitations of kick-off 2011 - Football Manager

No Save in the free version For a donation from the manufacturer is enabled Save