In Peggle Deluxe you have to overcome 55 challenging levels of play on the way to Peggle Masters. In the game of skill it is to clear up with a limited number of balls all the pins located on a playing field or pegs. In Peggle Deluxe to shoot from the top of the screen steel balls into the bristling with stakes arenas. The ball is deflected by a lifelike realistic ball physics in collisions with the pegs on the way down. Goal: All orange pegs must be eliminated by collision to get to the next level. Each level of Peggle Deluxe offers individual challenges, and the gameplay is broken up by so-called art shots and activating extras such as multi balls or extra lives. Who grants the screen completely blank with the ten standing at disposal balls will be rewarded with lots of bonus points. In single player mode, different game modes are available, and two players can also compete against each other. Peggle Deluxe lights a Unterhaltungsrakte in the area of ​​skill. The colorful fantasy graphics combined with clever level design and realistic ball physics make the addiction factor in this successful game for young and old to skyrocket.

Limitations of Peggle Deluxe

The demo is a 60 minute playable.