Of the PureSync download synchronized with a few clicks files and folders on different drives or computers. The focus here is on a simple handling and flexibility in use.

The PureSync Download assists in synchronization of folders

For file and folder synchronization the folders simply have to be chosen, the software reflects either the complete content or updates the latest files, depending on the setting. Before actually synchronized shows a preview of which files are provided for Sync. PureSync supports syncing multiple directories, includes optional subdirectories to a selectable level and sees itself with network drives and FTP servers.

Synchronized is optionally manual, timed or when an event occurs, such as the insertion of a specific USB sticks or once a file has been changed. You can also save files that are currently in use, and also for balancing of digital cameras, a special mode is available.

PureSync download

Very functional is the balance between different computers. PureSync automatically detects when files are located approximately in a user directory. The user now synchronized for example, an XP PC with a Windows 7 computer, one faces the problem that the user directories are in different paths. PureSync circumnavigated this circumstance gallantly and automatically packs the files into the correct folder. The same applies for the comparison of mail programs or popular browsers.

When syncing via USB flash drive of the target PC when plugging the stick automatically recognizes that to synchronize files stored on it and starts PureSync to align the data. you can synchronize files and folders without PureSync. The freeware but syncing is significantly lighter and faster by the hand, and is also much more flexible. Those looking for more tools for file and folder synchronization for free download, will find in our versatile software catalog.

Limitations of PureSync

free for personal and non-commercial educational purposes. For commercial use requires a license.

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