DipTrace Free

DipTrace Free designed the complex layout of printed circuit boards with a mouse click on the PC. With the freeware CAD program by first designing a schematic representation of the placement of the interconnects and microelectronic components. Supporting the user finds it through the functionality for the insertion of the individual elements, which of course you can also assign their place on the board manually. If necessary DipTrace Free connects the components with a mouse click to wirings. Here, a tool for optimizing the use of raw materials for reduced manufacturing costs makes. Finished board layout converts the free CAD program into data for the production of printed circuit boards. So that they also function smoothly after production, DipTrace Free shall first examine the components for correct connections. Who does not want to reinvent the wheel every day or needs that can access a library of more than 100,000 prefabricated elements. The are available on the manufacturer's site for free download. There you will find the way also a paid version with extended functionality if 500 Pins times are no longer enough. Supported output formats: DXF, Gerber, Drill, G-Code

Limitations of DipTrace Free

This free version has a limit of 500 pins and two layers.